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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Sexual dysfunction is often the result of a complex interface between the mind and the body, so the exact nature of the each problem should be thoroughly diagnosed before treatment is offered.

For over 25 years Southeast Florida Urology and their physician, Dr Robert Sherman specialize in treating Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation. Using The Men’s Wellness Clinic Protocols, a proprietary treatment program, Dr. Sherman provides personalized treatment programs that enable most men to see results within minutes. Last year alone, Dr. Sherman treated over 12,000 men in South Florida.

Causes of ED

Erectile Dysfunction is very common. Although most often seen in men over the age of 40, ED can affect men of all ages. Psychological factors account for about 10% of erection problems and often result from nervousness, performance anxiety or fear of failure during lovemaking. About 90% of cases of ED are caused by physical factors, classified as vascular (related to blood flow) and non-vascular diseases.

Treatment of ED

As with any medical condition, erectile dysfunction is often best treated promptly. The sooner it is diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome

In order to create the most comfortable patient experience and optimal treatment outcome, The Men’s Wellness Clinic Protocols places a special emphasis on three important factors: a confidential experience in the medical center, the evaluation of each patient’s medical history and diagnostic testing, and the determination of the most appropriate treatment options specifically for each patient.

  • We first begin with a thorough evaluation of your medical history which will include past and present medical conditions.
  • We will then assess the hormonal, neurological, and vascular aspect of penile function.
  • A Doppler Ultrasound reveals the status of blood flow to the penis in response to certain stimulation. An ultrasonic beam wave is emitted from the Doppler probe, travels through the intervening tissue and bounces back from the blood flow through the Cavernosal Artery of the penis. The arterial wave form and the velocity of blood flow enable accurate understanding of the vascular supply to the penile tissue and its integrity.

Along with your medical history, these diagnostic tests allow the physician to provide an explanation of the cause and extent of the problem, and to determine the most suitable treatment options utilizing The Men’s Wellness Clinic Protocols.

Laser Therapy for Prostatic Obstruction

EVOLVE LASER - Advanced Laser Technology evaporates obstructive prostate tissue often in less than 20 minutes under local anesthesia in our office.

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